Thursday, August 2, 2012


     This class has been a hectic yet rewarding good time.  The quick semester really seem to fly by overnight.  I have learned a lot though and made some good friends over the months time.  I can definetely see myself working with a lot of the people in this class in the future.  I really like the how I have progressed thru the month.  Glad that I have gotten a chance to shoot with several cameras and and see the difference ziess lenses make.  They make the footage on DSLR look insane!
     Im glad to work with the DSLR's.  I am almost sold on buying one of my own.  Now I just have to save up the money. HA... But seriously it is awesome to see what  those lenses do when added to the camera.  They really take a normal shot and make it look like the work of a pro.  I want to continue in the future to check out cameras and increase my skill with the tools that go with it such as glide tracks and dollys and jibs.  
     It was a good semester for seeing what aspects Im strong at and what aspects im weak at.  I learned that Im probably not going to become a big time director, but I think I can do good things with cinematography.  Seeing some of my classmates skills with after effects lets me know that I need to get on the ball learning CS6 and all the magic that it is capable of.
     I learned that Im not very strong when it comes to serious narrative.  Also lighting is a weakness of mine, but I think I came out of here with a better understanding of the different types and how they work.  Still need more experience though.  I plan to continue to work on as many projects as possible to continue to gain experience.
     With the shorten time frame things were sped up to a blinding pace but I enjoyed the long hours and didnt mind putting in the time to get things done.  Thats how I know that Im in the correct field.  You cant be in this business if you dont like it.  Making the films, while tiresome, were very rewarding.  There were plenty of laughs shared on all the sets that I was on and I feel that a lot of really quality pieces were made in this semester.  Its interesting to see everyones style and what they bring to the table.  It kind of gives you a sense of what everyone is about and what motivates them.
      I cant wait to see these guys and girls in the future classes.  I really think something special will form and there is great potential for some award winning films to come out of the minds of these very students here in TCF 312.  Good luck to all and see you later!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

DP Reel and Artist Statement

Shane Fair Summer 2012 Reel HD from Shane Fair on Vimeo.

     Entertainment has always been a big part of my life.  As an only child it was always left up to me to entertain myself.  This caused me to be very creative and have an imagination that took me all over the place.  It was long till I realized that I wanted to entertain others as well.  Comedy and laughter was one of those outlets.  I like to see the humor in any situation that I come across.
     School has allowed me to be creative and really develop that creativity thru film.  I know that this major is right for me because I put in long hours and find it rewarding.  As I write this very moment it is midnight and I am still working very hard on my reel.  TCF is the first school that I have ever made real good grades in.  Even though it is sometimes exausting it is very rewarding.
    The shots I love the best are outdoors shots I love bright light and vibrant color.  I love shots that are colorful and breathtaking.  I try to show this in the shots that I shoot.  I really love to observe natural light and what it does reflecting off of an object.  I prefer it to lighting kits any day.
     Skateboarding is my passion and part of the reason for that is the creativity it allows you.  I love to capture shots of nature and a skateboard battling against each other for control of an area.  I feel as though they go to gather very well and much like filming you have to adjust things according to how nature is behaving on that particular day.
     My passion is filming.  To catch people's eye and show them things from my point of view.  To give them a glimpse of things the way I see things.  It is the perfect outlet for just that.

Camera Choice

     When it come time to choose a camera for my scene assignment I had it narrowed down to either the Sony EX3 or a DSLR camera.  I really liked the look of the footage from 5d and 7d more than that of the EX3.  When it come to accessibility and overall experience with the cameras the EX3 won.  Both had the trouble of having to transcode the footage before being able to edit.  The size of the camera didn't factor in because the room I filmed in was open and had plenty of room to maneuver and get my shots.
     The camera I ended up choosing was the EX3.  The room I filmed in had very good light that came through two windows on the west and south sides of the building.  This made the shots easy to light and made the  picture with the EX3 look very nice and evenly lit.  Being very familiar with the settings and operations of the camera also played into picking it.  I had plenty of experience with it from my time filming at the Amphitheater.  I didn't want to get on the shoot and not be able to figure out how to work something on the camera.
     I really prefer the look of the footage on the 5d and 7d but did not have the experience with it that I needed to be able to use.  Also I had little experience with a zoom recorder which would've had to been used to get good sound with a DSLR camera.  So when it came down to it I just need to get more experience with the DSLR cameras before I use it on my own projects.
     The shoot I was the DP on did use the 5d.  I was really pleased with the shots that we got and was able to get some good experience with the camera.  My director Rob was experienced with the camera so any problems I had with it he was able to show me how to change settings on it.  Lighting from the sun through a window made for some beautiful shots.  The 5d did really well in low light and I was very impressed with what it was able to do.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

midterm reflection

This semester has gone by very fast but Ive been able to learn a lot.  Ive increased the amount of cameras that I have use by double.  Getting in class experience with DSLR's and  the Sony Cameras.  I was able to see what cameras work well in certain situations and which ones don't.  I learned that this is very important when shooting because if you don't have the correct camera then you're not going to get the look that you intended for.  Also that you have to think about your space and what conditions you will be in before choosing just  any camera.
Lighting is another thing that I had very little experience with before entering this class.  So far we have had quite a few opportunities to learn the different techniques as well as experiment with them to achieve a desired look.  I have learned all about the silks and screens and flags and how they diffuse the light and really help out with the shadows.  Lighting is a key to setting the mood of a film and really showing what you want the audience to focus on.
We have not done a lot with audio but I did get a chance to use a zoom recorder outside of class and really like the sound from it.  It is a definite best option for sound when using DSLR cameras.  Also I got to more familiar with the shotgun mic getting a chance to use it some.  Sound is also important to a film and can really make or break it.  I have learned through a few of my projects that I need to take 301 Audio class to learn how to better mix my audio.
Other than just physical skills that I have learned this semester I have started to think about what style I am and what lighting styles and camera movements are my favorite.  I learned what situation that they are needed and when it is best to use them.  Another lesson that I learned is being over prepared.  Things will always go wrong and you can never be over-prepared for a shoot.  Communication with the people you are working with is imperative to the success of a shoot.  Having every detail planned out is important because even when you think you do some other problem will jump up and present itself.  When it does its important to adapt and be creative to be best equipped to fix it.  One thing that is also important is to have a good attitude on the set.  A good positive attitude makes a shoot go a lot smoother than a cranky bossy person who just barks out commands.  This field just like many other in life make you learn to deal with people because it takes a lot of people to make a production work.  You have to be able to get along with them or the time will be miserable.  One thing that I had never done was a production binder for our scene assignments.  It really made you be prepared.  I had never planned out a shoot so meticulously.  I know it will help when the shoot begins because it forces you to be as prepared as possible.
Each thing that I have learned in this class so far each equally important, all go together to make a production possible.  If any are off then it can hurt a film.  It is stressful going by as quick as it does but it also rewarding and I look forward to continue learning and getting more work under my belt.

Monday, July 23, 2012


 This first shot is martin sheen coming out of the water in Apocalypse Now.  There is a very soft yellow light coming from the left side of the screen and it is causing a very harsh shadow on the right side of his face.  The lighting allows us to see the character but keeps part dark to go with the stealthiness of him sneaking in to the enemy camp.
 This shot is from ben Baird's Apricot.  This shot is of a direct view of a sunset.  Im guessing that the iris and shutter are closed up only taking in a little bit of light.  This causes a harsh silhouette but is a really cool shot.  I don't think a lot any other light was used to light this shot.

 These next two shots are from Lord of The Rings Two Towers.  Gandalf is leading the army in to Helms Deep.  Before they arrive the scene is dark and it looks as though the evil will over take the city, but right before all is lost he shows up with the sunrise.  Light pours in to the valley and blinds the orcs.  The light symbolizes that the light overtaking the darkness and turning the tide of the battle.
This is one from one of my favorite movies Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Mike and Donny are in the sewer waiting on a pizza.  A real sewer would have little to no light in it but this scene has what appears to be the light from a street light pouring in through the sewer grate. Lines are created in the light to show this. The light is probably spotlighted on them because the background and surrounding area is completely blacked out.

This one is from Star Wars Episode II. Its a fireplace scene with very warm, soft light.  Even though the fireplace is behind her there is the same golden light coming from in front of Portman casting a soft shadow on the left side of her face.  Everything is well lit but is not over exposed.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Camera movement

 This shot is from the Dark Knight Rises. It is a helicopter shot of Gothom which show three bridges being simultaneously being blown up.  This scene show the terrorist act that traps all everyone in the city.  This shot really is really the low point of the movie when all hope seems to be lost.
 This second  shot is from Dark Knight and is the Joker right after escaping from headquarters and fleeing with his henchmen.  The shot is a medium shot mounted from the car.  It has a really crushed depth of field and moves as the car swerves down the lanes which makes the viewer feel as thought they are dizzy and having blurry vision.  I think this is kind of the way the city of Gothom is feeling after taking the punch the joker just gave it leaving it stunned and in chaos.

                 This is the famous shower scene from psycho.  the lighting is  a bright white as opposed to the normal horror movie darkness.  It is a close up and shows the point of view of the killer norman bates.  The angle really captures the horror on the victims face.  Its a style made famous by Hitchcock.    
This shot is from a chase scene In Jackie Chan's First Strike.  I like this shot because its a chase scene where you can get a sense of what Jackie himself is actually seeings he goes flying down this snow covered mountain.  I also think it would be awesome to film because it is obvious that it is being filmed by someone snowboarding with a camera.