Thursday, August 2, 2012


     This class has been a hectic yet rewarding good time.  The quick semester really seem to fly by overnight.  I have learned a lot though and made some good friends over the months time.  I can definetely see myself working with a lot of the people in this class in the future.  I really like the how I have progressed thru the month.  Glad that I have gotten a chance to shoot with several cameras and and see the difference ziess lenses make.  They make the footage on DSLR look insane!
     Im glad to work with the DSLR's.  I am almost sold on buying one of my own.  Now I just have to save up the money. HA... But seriously it is awesome to see what  those lenses do when added to the camera.  They really take a normal shot and make it look like the work of a pro.  I want to continue in the future to check out cameras and increase my skill with the tools that go with it such as glide tracks and dollys and jibs.  
     It was a good semester for seeing what aspects Im strong at and what aspects im weak at.  I learned that Im probably not going to become a big time director, but I think I can do good things with cinematography.  Seeing some of my classmates skills with after effects lets me know that I need to get on the ball learning CS6 and all the magic that it is capable of.
     I learned that Im not very strong when it comes to serious narrative.  Also lighting is a weakness of mine, but I think I came out of here with a better understanding of the different types and how they work.  Still need more experience though.  I plan to continue to work on as many projects as possible to continue to gain experience.
     With the shorten time frame things were sped up to a blinding pace but I enjoyed the long hours and didnt mind putting in the time to get things done.  Thats how I know that Im in the correct field.  You cant be in this business if you dont like it.  Making the films, while tiresome, were very rewarding.  There were plenty of laughs shared on all the sets that I was on and I feel that a lot of really quality pieces were made in this semester.  Its interesting to see everyones style and what they bring to the table.  It kind of gives you a sense of what everyone is about and what motivates them.
      I cant wait to see these guys and girls in the future classes.  I really think something special will form and there is great potential for some award winning films to come out of the minds of these very students here in TCF 312.  Good luck to all and see you later!!!

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